My Supinfocom final year project, about a race of faceless people needing mask to be part of society.

Even if we all worked on the modeling, directing and story, my main tasks were Animation and Compositing.

You can check the portfolio of Shashank, our Mr Dynamics, who worked on the project with me at :


Meet your Predator

My first true 3d project. Why does little childrens need Teddy Bears ? This video is the answer.

Wake Up

An After Effect 2d Animation about machinery and the human body. My favourite project from my first year in Supinfocom.


Various drawings and concept from these three years at Supinfocom

Non-Linear Comic

Two Stories crossing in the middle

ASIFA WINNING AWARD : Special Jury Award


First Lip-Sync

Animation assignment using the Morpheus Rig and a voice from the Darkness 2 videogame.

Swap City

I have been working on a 2D video-Games named Swap-City. 

It has been released on

and got a positive review at the french channel

Here are some pictures of my work.

The actual short-film

An example of Compositing


Animation test

" The Characters do have a lovely design and polished animations."


Dialight / Diarichesse
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