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My Supinfocom final year project, about a race of faceless people needing mask to be part of society.

Even if we all worked on the modeling, directing and story, my main tasks were Animation and Compositing.


- Special Jury Award for "Masque" in Mumbai at International Animated Film Association

- Special Jury Award for "Masque" at Pune International Film Festival

- Special Jury Award for "Masque" at Noida International Film Festival

- Best Animated film for "Masque" at Satyajit Ray Film and Television Institute

- Nominee for "Masque" at International Indian Film Festival of South Africa

- Nominee for "Masque" at the 7th Animated Film Festival of Paris

Compositing example

You can also check the portfolio of Shashank, our Dynamics Specialist, who worked on the project with me at :

Dialight / Diarichesse
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